It happened

like a rainbow after the rainy day

Unexpected but somehow beautiful

I always had an idea

an idea that I would leave this place

my family, my home

But nobody ever leaves

Or is it that everybody always leaves?

I was going to be that one

The one who leaves

It was a dream

Something I worked for my entire life

But then it hit me

Clarity hit me

If I were to be hit by anything

I would want it to be clarity

I knew I wasn’t going to be the one to leave

but rather

The one who stays

The one who follows in her mother’s path

Staying in this “small town”

Never leaving

Having the same friends

Always talking about the old times

It came fast and unexpected

but it came with clarity

and clarity always knows when to come

it comes at the best times

in the worst times

So I take it as a sign

I was meant to stay

With my family

in a place I call home


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