By Sophia Modica, Bridget Leve and Kayla Rae

Sophia: alternativevegan666

Bridget: meatluvr101

Kayla: boiattheladywolfshowXD




Alternativevegan666 is typing…

“I’ve found the love of my life… except I don’t know his name need a portland missed connection plz help thx luver baes”


meatluvr101 is typing…

“@Alternativevegan666 I think I can help. Can you describe his physical features? His face? Lemme know?”


Alternativevegan666 is typing…

“@meatluvr101 He has long brown hair and red cheeks all the time. He was wearing a hat and black rain jacket. He was talking about dogs and apartments he got to the Lady Wolf show early just like me. We had a good time dancing and I never got his name. Plz help!”


Meatluvr101 is typing…

“@Alternativevegan666 I think I know who you’re talking about. Is it @boiattheladywolfshowXD?”


boiattheladywolfshowXD is typing…

“@alternativevegan666 That was me.. I have no idea who you are though? Creep.”


Alternativevegan666 is typing…

“@boiattheladywolfshowXD I was wearing plaid pants and a Carrhart jacket, I also have bangs. I never worked up the courage to ask you your name before you had to go. So pls let me know”


boiattheladywolfshowXD is typing…

“@Alternativevegan666 Were you the one that “accidently” spilt water on me? You really were bad at dancing. Kinda awk. Idk how you guys found me but plz don’t contact me again.”


boiattheladywolfshowXD has left the chat.


Meatluvr101 is typing…

“@Alternativevegan666 Did I help?”


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