Caged Freedom

Never before have I seen

an animal of such tamed freedom

His head rolled back

and his mane followed

as he made the entire world know

that he is the one who can’t be touched


Captivity has never seemed so justified

at least from vision from the outside

Or else I wouldn’t have ever known

what it means to be free


Such majesty should never be caged

My beauty belongs to no one

and neither should this mane’s



Shoulders back and strides long

showing that he’s the king of the jungle

His feel always move toe first

Walking in front of the females

to protect them from the horrors outside the walls

That is beauty


Beauty refined to three acres

Beauty that soars above all
And sometimes you can hear the cries of the rest of the world

when that loud call cracks like the voice of a teenage boy

That’s when you appreciate your freedom


Only when you see what it’s like to be refined

did I understand the importance of my independence

With my head held high

and my feet now making louder noises

to ward of my enemies

because I walk toe first


My head rolls back and my hair and bangs follow

as I speak into the microphone
chanting and rallying

Because this mane deserves to see it’s freedom too

And my call doesn’t crack or cry

because I’ve finally seen mine, too


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