i am writing

i am writing from the seat in the room where time freezes for an hour and forty two. im not intentionally rhyming, i am really very bored. ive been checked out since i first walked in the room and i am writing because i have nothing else to do.

the girls sitting behind me are really driving me insane. i dont understand how a waist could be so tiny and how blonde hair could be dyed so dark and laughs could be so. fucking. heart wrenching.

i checked out of class the minute iii walked in. im rolling my neck again and my as$$ is starting to hurt, and i still have fifty seven minutes left. so help me god

its also day one of finals and i really did something stupid. i saw my ex best friend and ex boyfriend sitting on a bench in the window on the second floor of our school and i yelled “”fuck you!!!” as i flipped him off as he turned around and saw me

whoops lol

we’re doing an in class lesson instead of a final, and i did my part somehow and im really not sure how. i want this semester to be over because it feels like it’s been dragging on like a boring episode of law and order.

i think im going to die here, in my own personal hell — what i expected to be my heaven is my own personal hell. my teacher’s words are coming out so slow and stabbing me like a knife so slow, the most painful of all

i just really want some sweets but i know i dont need iT BECAUSE I HAVE STATE THis week and i really want to do good. so im going to buffalo wild wings tomorrow

i think im going to go hang out with my old teacher or a friend in another class, so i dont rot here skin and bones

i feel like my grandmother with that aching shit at age sixteen

i need to stretch more


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