My Reactions


Stubborn Love by The Lumineers

  • .01: Already disappointed because I thought this was going to be a romantic love story not a story of a child
  • .19: That wind is defiantly not natural, but how do they get a large fan inside a car?
  • .30, If “she lies and steals and cheats” why the fuck is the mom taking the child
  • .36: I am 36 seconds in and there’s four minutes left and I already have three comments I need to slow the fuck down
  • .46: I have been looking for a flannel like the father’s for ages
  • .50: She has great eyelashes
  • .51: But that hand-on-window thing is very staged
  • 1.11: I don’t understand the significance of the people we see outside the car window
  • 1.31: This girl is gonna have PTSD the fuck is going on
  • 1.44: Oh that’s really sad
  • 1.53: If I was this girl’s mom I would’ve taken that ring right back thats expensive shit don’t want you choking on something when you could choke on something thats $.05
  • 2.01: I’m bored
  • 2.13: She’s really pretty and it’s also three minutes past Christmas in the real world
  • 2.15: I enjoy the video changing with the beat
  • 2.47: Are they going to the desert or some shit what’s going on
  • 3.00: I want to learn to play my guitar
  • 3.05: Was that The Lumineers playing?
  • 3.14: She sucks at drawing
  • 3.41: I feel like she’s smiling because she’s gonna jump out the car
  • 3.42: Why did my freshman year P.E. T.A. text me again
  • 3.51: Rebecca Black, Friday parody, my hand is a dolphin
  • 4.04: You can’t recover that quickly
  • 4.24: Maybe the dad was the one to cheat

Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

  • .05: This is a six minute video on the exact same thing I am not watching this

Ophelia by The Lumineers

  • .02: This is like a movie
  • .08: The lights changing with the beat is awesome
  • .13: I thought he was cute until they focused the camera
  • .16: I like her bangs
  • .28: The tambourine and all blue and handkerchief look is A1
  •  .33: Why is the video a square
  • .41: What the fuck just happened
  • .49: I liked that hand thing on the tambourine
  • .53: There’s literally 365 days until Christmas in the real world
  • .59: Where the hell did he put that tambourine?
  • 1.06: *Me running away from my problems*
  • 1.13: That was sick how he’s walking to the beat, I fuck with that
  • 1.24: I want to do this
  • 1.31: Me and Abigail really need to learn the dance to Footloose
  • 1.42: I really wish I saw The Lumineers live before they got all big
  • 1.55: What does the video have to do with the lyrics?
  • 2.23: *Me*
  • 2.34: He was so close to being hit by a car
  • 2.41: Did the guy end up in one body or two?
  • I’m going to have to do the rest in the morning it took me thirty minutes to do two and I have AT LEAST three more to go

High Hopes by Kodaline

  • .03: Why did this man bring a car to the middle of nowhere
  • .16: Oh what
  • .19: This went so downhill so fast
  • .27: Why is she running and how did she know where to go to save him
  • .36: He could be her dad
  • .44: He kinda looks like Frankenstein
  • .55: Is it safe to get in that car already?
  • 1.11: This is kinda cute
  • 1.16: Where are they going? It’s a pretty long drive
  • 1.35: I really want to try cigarettes
  • 1.58: They’re already sleeping in the same bed even though she just walked away from a marriage..
  • 2.20: That was very quick, also all they do is drink and kiss
  • 2.27: That last statement wasn’t true
  • 2.36: Oh FUCK
  • 2.59: What the hell just happened, there’s still a while minute
  • 3.16: WHAT THE FUCK
  • 3.25: WHY AM I CRYING
  • 3.34: She better be alive still too
  • 3.49: Nope
  •  4.05: First, he didn’t seem that surprised that she was alive, so either he 1) already knew and didn’t tell us or 2) he’s heartless — also, why did they make it seem like she was dead
  • I’m very over this whole “My reactions” thing but I’ll do one more because I love this next song

Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

  • .05: I can already tell I’m going to love this and I don’t want to pause it every two seconds to explain my thoughts
  • I really recommend watching this video
  • I want a video recorder so I can record my entire life

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