1 Revised

I know I’m late for the rebuttal

But I feel no time is more fit than now

When people ask me “How are you?”

All I can say is “I really have no clue”


You were my best friend

I lived vicariously through you

You showed me the good things in life

And there’s not a day I don’t miss you


Pictures of you still hang on my wall

I think of the fact that I never made it on yours


I’m sorry I let you blame yourself for this for so long

In reality, our personalities perfectly collided

I saw myself through you and you saw yourself in me

But I couldn’t allow that, I couldn’t let you become me


It was all fun and games until I started getting in my head

You always said what was on your mind and it was a slap to my dread

We were also polar opposites

So what went wrong, it was my b


I could never be tired of you and I see you in the halls

You’re doing better than ever

All I want is to give you a call but what good would that do

You’re doing so well and I don’t want to change that


I never once could hate you because you made me who I am

I’m fearless and carefree and I owe it all to you

I’m not asking anything of this post because I know you’re doing well

You’re a blessing in my life today and you’ll be a blessing down the road


You’re leaving for college soon, the acceptances rolling in

Just remember me as the memories we once had

Not the way I ended things

Remember me through my apology in this poem


“Good luck and I wish you the best if we had our last hello and goodbye already

I hope you can accept my attempt at apology

You were the best best friend and sister I could ever ask for”


PS. You can keep the toothbrush


PPS. What does “1” mean?


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