1.5 by Sydney Lake

It’s not a coincidence I’m no longer falling apart.

It took some time but I’m back to the start.

I’m proud of myself considering all.


I treated your goodbye

the same as my sister.

Not out of the blue,

yet still surprising.

It’s funny.

I lost both sisters I’ve ever known.





But no matter the feeling.

I’ve reached the same outcome.


People come and go.


I’m not as heartless as this post makes me seem.


I painted my room just like we planned.

Who would have thought paint color reflected your personality?

The dark grey paint is gone, similar to my depression.

Replaced with metallic gold, complete to perfection.

Metallic gold with white stripes.

The red wall.


The wall of pictures is no more.

People have told me to bring it back.

But I see no point.

As people continually leave.

And I don’t need to see the reminder of once was.


On a daily basis I’m reminded of you

Somehow everything became an inside joke between us two

I can’t take the sylvan exit

or a snapchat when it’s sunny and I’m driving

or listen to so many hella slaps.

or use certain emojis

or literally talk to specific people (Raliegh been snapping me and when I try telling someone and Lizzy Gazeley just scolds me)

or watch shows

or use a broom

or live my life.


I’ve tried to move on.

Probably not something you want or need to hear.

But something I needed to make clear.

Maybe I am as heartless as they say.

The thing is I like it this way.

PS. 1 for example is a numbering system for writing for specific people so I can do things like this and continue post without editing the original, while the dates and stuff is just my thoughts about life and shit.


ya man this the real post (not to take away attention from everything else those my feels but these my thoughts) but like I’ve been stuck in my house and my whole family is home and I just gotta leave. none of this is related it was just bad day. life still good tho. remember to be carefree. yolo is still the motto. also the term rip will never die. (see what i did there) damn it’s late. lol. not drunk at all rn. lol its 2 am. literally my most proud moment in my life was when this one dude tried my jungle juice and he said it was the best he has had at a witches. bartender still my backup job if the whole owning the rams falls through. also boi what you think i need ur toothbrush for damn. that bouta be the community toothbrush for who ever at my house. they gonna be like “anyone use this before” and im just gon be like “nah you good fam that’d be gross” this def gonna happen

now u probably laughed yup ok that’s all take notes dude my blog game on fleek.

*drops mic*


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