A Collection of Haikus

You left already

But we’re both so forgiving

We missed each other


Mocking, giggles STOP.

Your ignorance isn’t bliss

Stop laughing at me


Stuffed like a turkey

My headache is getting worse

I just want to sleep


I can’t write no more

My brain is permanently paused

This needs to be stopped


I want to make books

No books have been read this month

I am struggling


I miss my boyfriend

No, I miss having a boy

I am such a flirt


I read a story

Fall in love with a stranger

I want to try it


I explained my choices

I regret my decisions

You don’t feel that way


Same song on repeat

Wildfires in my head

“Flames are burning strong”


I’m in love with you

But I will never tell you

You must do so first


You dress like a doll

Gone as soon as we were friends

I will miss my doll


You said fuck xanax

But you’re making my life worse

I say fuck you too


I lost two people

But they’re so great, they came back

It’s getting better


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