Closed eyes and I see two kittens sitting in the uphigh windowsill lapping a bowl of milk

A castle from scratch, decorated and well furnished

The jungle, not far from the throne, was filled with all the vampires and all the werewolves

At the bottom of the hill sat a shop where people came from miles and miles to visit – only on the warmest of days


The kittens soon became older and the jungle wasn’t well nourished, the castle became dilapidated and the shop was permanently closed

In the ruins lay a simple house full of secrets

A girl was born with her best friend and they were attached

Attached to each other and attached to the house full of secrets


In the backyard lay an oak that grew day by day with the inattentive nolongerchildren

It was sat on, laid on, slept under – the new swing had bruised it

The youthful branches healed around the rope, just in time for the new outdoor entertainment

Children soared high in the air and the oak was noticed only when its aging leaves drifted so delicately down


Winter fell upon the house full of secrets

Where the girl and her best friend sipped hot cocoa by the fire and gossiped of little boys

They made cakes and decorated them while singing Christmas music in the early stages of December

A broken clock span minutes in seconds, which the girl felt resembled her and her best friend’s aging selves

Stuck inside with no parental, they made a snowman and ran away from the neighboring little boy with cooties


The snowman melted and the girls returned home with their hearts on the line in the hands of a boy

Her best friend put her trust in many boys, she was very beautiful, which the girl understood

The girl was very much the opposite, and she fell hard, only to never be picked up

But there was one boy, the baseball boy, who made her feel butterflies and allowed sun into her life

He shone his sun upon the life of another girl, where flowers sprouted and grew very strong


The two kittens who once lived in place of the house of secrets never strayed far from their oncehome

And the girl and her best friend drove with their voices through the windows and their heads in the air,

listening to Christmas music in the early stages of fall

The baseball boy and her best friend all bought beautifully crafted pieces of glass and they weren’t allowed pets so they nurtured plants instead

And the children, once again, soared high in the air


Her best friend loaned her neverbroken heart out once more into a boy’s hands

A boy who shone his sun in her life, and they, too, grew strong flowers

The girl settled for a makeshift boy, one that had all the eyes for her

But she realized she had never recovered from the fall she witnessed from the baseball boy, the boy which she was trampled upon for


The flowers wilted and the sun never shone for the baseball boy and his meadow of a girl

And the girl and her makeshift boy didn’t last past daylight

The girl became addicted to the affection of the baseball boy, it was her hardest drug to resist

The clock now stopped, and the girl felt it resembled her heart with the boy

She never knew if his sun would ever shine for her in the way it sprouted flowers for another girl


But flowers are inevitable and they only come after the sun


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