Windows Down

For months I have written about significant moments

and significant people and significant things

And although you are absent from this list

so far

It’s only because I am at a loss of words


you are the most significant thing of all


I hope you know who this is written for


no one deserves this poem

other than you


I hate the way we’re always thinking the same thing

and more often say the exact



at the exact




I hate that we have the same favorite song

and the same favorite movie


We’re one person

in two bodies


I hate us


Everyone else is so


But you

You can make me laugh in the worst times

and can make me cry in the best times

only because you make me so happy


We can sit in a group of however many

and it’s still just me and you

bringing up old inside jokes

While others are laughing

we’re laughing for a whole other reason


You sit in the front seat of my car

that will always be reserved for you

The windows rolled down

The car filled silent when you forget to pick another song


I gossip to you

and you gossip back to me

the exact same thing I gossiped to you

Because we only ever talk to each other

and always end up laughing off

our antisocial lives


You know what’s coming out of my mouth

before I even think it

Our entire lives spent together

and it’s still not enough time


The nights I look forward to most

are those spent with you and I alone

Pajamas and junk food and movies

on a makeshift bed

two doors down from your room


We cry together

laugh together

party together

exercise together

live together

enjoy together

hate together


The real definition of

a dream team


The importance of you in my life

is unmeasurable

Hours without you feel like weeks

Days without you feels like months


Pictures of children and teenagers

and some day

college students and adults

with families and elderly neighbors

with wrap around porches

and a swing for two


Our futures separating us

from one world to another

I already worry

I already cry for the day when

we have to say goodbye

But I know

the best day of my life

will be the day I get to see you again


I’m crying as I’m sitting in bed writing this for you

because I can never tell you how much I appreciate you

Even if I spend every minute of my life doing so

You’re the most important person in my life


and I love you, I love you, I love you

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you

I love you


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