Portland is an oddity of a city – the more intense version of Dallas. Our people the most extreme of both spectrums. On top, we have royalty. On bottom we have workless. Your wealth status is what determines how far up the hill you live. The more money, the higher the elevation. We have elegant homes, skyscrapers piled floor after floor with kitchens and bedrooms and pools and maids’ quarters. Buildings so tall you stand within the clouds on the roof. Sometimes, if you bring a ladder and a rope long enough, you can catch a star.

A good friend of mine who lives on the bottom of the hill once caught me a star, their name is Smith. He engraved my name and released it back into the wild. The most genuine person I’ve ever known. Although, Smith had to thank the royal Johnson of his low status. From a wealthy family, Smith did good and reached out to those who lived further down the hill. He volunteered their time to clean the streets of litter the other royals had left behind. Back in the day when Johnson was still workless, he stole Smith’s Driver’s Licenses. When Smith when home that day, his family called him an imposter and wouldn’t let him inside his home. He later found out that Johnson went to his home and pretended to be Smith! Johnson accustomed his life into the home of Smith, while Smith was left workless.

A long time coming, Smith believed justice was due for his stolen identity and his family that so easily unknowingly replaced him. One night, after a long period of catching the stars, Smith took his rope and ladder to his old mansion home. Where his old parents, siblings and Johnson were peacefully sleeping in their quarters. Smith set up his ladder and began to lasso his rope. He made the rope so large, he was able to lasso the whole house. He pulled at the rope until the house began to release itself from the ground. It began to slide from the top of the hill. It ricked and rocked and Smith moved out of the way before he was flattened. The house came loose and was sliding down the hill until it finally reached the bottom.

When the people in the house finally awoke, they were confused to how they got here. Their first precaution was to go to the site of their own home and to scope the grounds. When they arrived on their old street, they found a new home was built on their lot. Smith had built a house in one night and had gained royalty. With no land for his old family, they were forced to live on the bottom of the hill, workless.


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