Mountains of

The sheppard climbed the summit of Mount Olympus with his unit closely following. A resting point at last, he set down his burden and just laid in the snow. Legs and feet weak, brain silent from hours of curiosity. As more and more of his members began to rest with their head on their sacks, the sheppard grew worried. He knew that if they began to sleep at this unplanned hour, they would never wake. The temptation to dream would overtake their weakened bodies. He must keep them entertained, he must keep them awake and alive. With what little energy he had, he knew physical effort was out of the picture. All he had was his voice and a crew of tired legs and feet wanting nothing more than rest.

“We climb this mountain, for what? For satisfaction? No. For pastime? No. No matter how much you deny it, your training not worth the satisfaction of climbing this mountain. If you wanted satisfaction, you would climb Everest. No, you and I both know why you’re here – and I will tell you a story. Listen up, everyone, you will want to hear this.

“Thousands of years ago, the Greek Gods lived upon this mountain. As you must know, I have trekked Olympus meer a hundred times, every time closer to the answers I first sought. Atop the mountain, at the dangerous and forbidden summit, sits a place where Zeus’s throne lay. If the clouds are scarce enough and the moon bright enough, you may just be able to to see what looks to be the Throne of Gods. Although we will not be venturing there, I say keep your eyes wide open, because you never know what you may see here on Olympus.

“Cronus and Rhea gave birth to three sons and three daughters. All of which Cronus swallowed upon their birth. The only child that wasn’t swallowed was the youngest son, Zeus. As revenge for what Cronus did to Zeus’s siblings, he overthrew his father and demanded dictatorship of all aspects of the world. Zeus worked in harmony for a while with no conflictions, solely because no one had the power to tell him otherwise.

Although, the world began to become unbalanced. Zeus would start one thing and got very distracted. One time he was angry with his brother, Hades, for asking to share the powers that Zeus held. Zeus began a lightning storm over Greece. Well, one thing led to another and Zeus had completely forgotten about the storm. He forgot about it for days and weeks until his Hades brought Zeus’s attention to it months later.

“The Gods, included Zeus, came to the conclusion that all the power in the world shouldn’t be the responsibility of one person. Of course, all the Gods wanted specific powers to themselves. In order to resolve this, he gave his siblings the powers he thought they deserved. He gave his brothers Hades and Poseidon the God of the Underworld and the God of the Sea. He didn’t see Hades highly, hence the God of the Underworld. As for the other Gods, he thought it was only fair to let them fight their own battle.

“Quite literally, the other Gods fought for what they wanted. Some got off easier than others, like Nemesis, who was the only one who wished to be the God of Revenge, since no other  wanted to live with that guilt. This battle lasted for weeks, and since Gods are immortal, it’s hard to tell the single victor. As the battle got longer and longer, the Gods began to fall out due to laziness and other priorities. It went on like this until Athena was the last God standing and was named the God of War. Ever since, the Gods lived in harmony and the world is no longer imbalanced because there are many powerful people working together.”


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