Game of Cat and Mouse

In a house of four, there lived the common House Cat and Mouse. The animals were incompatible. The Cat chased, captured and released the Mouse and had all the fun while doing so. This went on for a majority of the Mouse’s life. He lived alone in a crack behind the television set that the Cat could never see for himself.

Every day the Mouse would scavenge for crumbs and every day the Cat would find him and chase him around the house for his own entertainment. Some time ago, other mice lived inside the home, but left when the mischievous Cat moved in.

One day, the Mouse’s routine was on schedule yet the Cat was nowhere to be found. The Mouse wandered – he wandered until he found the Cat asleep in it’s bed. When the Mouse concluded the Cat was retired for the day, the Mouse retired to his safehouse as well.

He sauntered through the crack behind the television set to his sardine can bed past his mountain of food crumbs, piled taller than the Mouse himself.

The Mouse would never tell the Cat about this pile, although. He never had to leave the comfort of the wall if he hadn’t wanted to. He allowed the Cat to feel the satisfaction of their catch and release game.
Moral: Appreciate what others do for you, especially if they went out of their way to do so.


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