Teenage Partygirl

Daddy’s Little Girl


I snatched the keys off the neck of my close friend

held them close and felt pride

when someone asked if I was driving


Goody goody


I held the wall up for support

my legs stepping across my body

Cup in hand with no residue


Teacher’s pet


My hands stained red

children’s money stuffed in my backpack pocket

My innocence going with every cup sold




Almost sneaking out

as I’m draped over the rim of the toilet

To meet up with that one senior boy


Go big or go home


Flirting with my best friend’s

soon to be boyfriend

Holding me up while I slur my words


Smart Alec


I exhaled the smoke

blew out and attempted to make a ring

like the popular kids had done so effortlessly




I carved an apple with two holes

because I had learned from watching

to the point where I was able to do it on my own


Fifteen going on fifty


“Hold it in longer, it makes it better”

they said – so I did

I held it in as long as I could

longer than anyone else could


Wild child


Hit after hit after hit

and I got further and further and further from who I once was

“Just one more,” we said for the third time




Scaling the wall was nothing in comparison

to the easy walk we had down

We must’ve forgot

what goes down must come up




The pinch of our cheeks

the frantic movement of our arms

Twisted and blurred like the reality I was living


Party animal



Double or nothing – what we were doing wasn’t bad enough

Get in the car with your Mom

be surrounded with people

Sneak out onto the roof of a four family home


Good time Charlie


“I thought there was still a little bit

of that goody-two-shoes left in you”

I wish, but she’s long gone


Teenage partygirl


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