You Close Your Hands Around me Tight

You close your hands around me tight

Your presence just enough

The irritating dog you own

The fact that you say “muff”


Children about the streets of Mexico

memories, nonetheless

Criticized for your choice of clothes

proud of the way you dress


Your passion for everything you do

I understand your love

of planes and friends and family

and everything thereof


Too hard on yourself in the little life we have

Everything about you is ideal

Never unnoticed or unrecognized

You can even manage to cook a meal


The care I show for you causes

competition from another girl

We both know she doesn’t approve of me

putting us both up for a whirl


You have plans fo future

We have plans for a future together

Knowing very well that

we’re going to be best friends forever


Late nights spent at your house

hardly working but working hard

In order to spend more time with you

the food your mother brings

I could never discard


Supportive of all my choices

the good and the bad

Everything that you are

will make you a great dad


I will drop everything in a heartbeat

if I’m doing it for you

No task is too big or too small

because I know you will always come through


You focus on the good things in life

Your future solid as a rock

You have your priorities straight

Our conversations never feel like small talk


The understanding we have for each other

is one we can’t ignore

A shot of vodka because we have to

Awkward pictures galore


I never want to lose you

Not today not for a while

I hope to be there

to see her walk down the aisle


My children will call you uncle

My family already calls you son

When you feel left alone

know I’m here for the long run


Always knowing what to say

Our personalities perfectly collide

I know that whenever I’m lost

you’ll always be my guide


Someday we’ll go back to the place

where, under a rock, we hid that bottle

So many things happened that night and

we all woke up the next morning feeling awful


You open up to me like no one has before

My source of happiness, relief and stability

Never once in an argument or, at least,

one that would ever end badly


You’re the best person in my life

and sometimes, the worst

But you still call me late at night

which can involve little to no converse


The irritation and hatred you feel for me

I see it in your face

But the way you tell me “everything’s okay”

let’s me know there is no other place


The way I love you

is none I’ve felt before

You’re my best friend

Nothing less, always more


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