Take a seat

Unfinished paintings displayed in the open windows. “Saturday Night” by the Eagles plays through the illustrated and colorful classroom. The aroma of paint hits you as you walk in the door. This is where home furniture meets creativity.

In Lilly Windel’s sixth period Advanced Painting class, her students were assigned to  design and create a painting on an unusual canvas: wooden oak chairs circa 1970. Windel assigned the three-month project in early December.

Each of her 18 students perceived the 3D surface in a different way, creating a series of original pieces of art.

In a generation built to recycle, Windle saw an opportunity for her students to express themselves on a unique medium that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

“The chairs were discarded,” Windel explains. “We repurposed the chairs, quality wooden chairs. We were working on different types of painting techniques, so being on a dimensional surface was another way of expressing painting.

“The beginning part of art is coming up with ideas. It really doing physical homework. It’s drawing. It’s gathering images and coming up with these concepts. The leeway part of my class is that my students really get to add the things they’re interested in. They have to come up with the concept and the concept has to be viable. It has to work.”

Three of the finished chairs will appear in Lincoln’s Flock Party, April 2. The party is put on  by a behind-the-scenes nonprofit,  Friends of Lincoln,  whose goal it is to support the broader Lincoln community.

The parent and alumni organization has provided support for the SAT and ACT, uniforms for clubs and assistance for school-based field trips. They also supply Lincoln with community outreach, fundraising and volunteer opportunities.

Flock Party chairperson Jessica Senecal explains the Party is “a way to bring our parents, alumni and community partners together. We also have both students and teachers involved. We can enjoy a fun party and ultimately raise money for Lincoln. Friends of Lincoln gives everyone the opportunity to put their stamp on Lincoln.”


WHO: Community members of Lincoln High School

WHAT: Flock Party – Silent and live auction, drinks, dining and dancing

WHERE: Multnomah Athletic Club

WHEN: April 2 5 p.m.

COST: Must buy ticket before event. Single (one guest) $100, couple (two guests with shared bid number) $200, table for 10 (10 guests) $10,000, teacher and staff dinner ticket (one guest) $60, teacher and staff couple dinner ticket (two guests with shared bid number) $120

Rough draft and final product of Sydney Denham’s painting, inspired by a photo of her grandma: Photo courtesy of Lilly Windle’s Class Website


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