Friends who play together, win together

Your last name printed on a letterman jacket. Varsity letters frame the walls of your bedroom. To some, athletics are the focus of their high school years. Student athletes explain that sports play a larger role in their lives other than just team bus rides and late night study sessions.

Athletes will say the most important things they get out of being in sports are friendships and stress-relief. Regardless of the sport, Lincoln athletes feel the same.

Rower Isabelle Slevin explains “Without sports, I wouldn’t have expanded as a person as much. I feel like the people I’ve met through rowing have really helped build my character and without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.”

Other than friendships, “Lincoln athletics teach you things like hard work and grit. You can’t just stop and take a break, you have to push through it,” says lacrosse player Zahra Sherman. “Lacrosse is a great community because you can get away from whatever drama is in your life and what is stressing you in school.”

At Lincoln, the dance and softball teams frequently refer to their teammates as family. “I’m with my team all the time, for practices and competitions. Dance is not an individual sport, everyone has to work as a team to put stuff on the floor and make it look good. You have to trust everyone when you’re dancing, and I trust everyone because they have my back,” says dance team member Abby Calhoun.

Varsity softball coach Christina Archambault sees it from a different viewpoint, but her perspective is similar. “In the each coach’s eye, seeing your team members as family is what will help build team values and a stronger program foundation from the start. If each individual can commit to trusting each and every member of the team, a family we begin to form.  You start to play for each other verses playing for yourself.”

Other dance team member Maya Pressler explains “Without dance, I would be such an antisocial person.” Dancer Marissa Talcott follows: “If I didn’t do dance, I don’t know what I would do with my life.”

More than 50 percent of students play sports, and although the homework becomes heavy, most students athletes agree that pushing through the extra work is well worth their time.


Post-game tradition for the Lincoln Softball Team – symbolizing family and unity


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