If you can’t be an actor, be a drama supporter


Grease is the word. Only about a month before the curtain draws for “Grease: A 50’s Rock n’ Roll Musical,” the pressure of opening night is beginning to excite, and overwhelm, the cast of the popular production.

The cast is filled with students from both Lincoln and Roosevelt High School. The cast of the joint-production consists of an estimated 100 actors and actresses from both schools.

Freshman Charlotte Odusanya will play the lead female role of Sandy Olsson, who  Olivia Newton-John immortalized in the 1982 movie. (Lincoln Senior Caroline Fenti shares the role.) It’s a lot to live up to. Between rehearsals, Odusanya explains the life of a high school actress, and what it takes to keep up the reputation of our stellar shows.


Q: Tell us about auditions.  What were you expecting?

A: You had three days of auditions and you had to first do singing auditions, and then dancing auditions, and then acting auditions. Overall, I was expecting to get a minimal part but I got the main role, Sandy. I was really surprised.


Q: What is the best part of being a member of the cast?

A: The best part is getting to know everybody and having the show come alive.  Everyone is super sweet and we’re all one family.

Q: What are you looking forward to most?

A: I’m looking forward to opening night. I get first week. I’m excited to have everything come together with the music and the dancing and the singing. I will be performing the first week which is March 3 through 5.


Q: What are your current feelings or thoughts on opening night?

A: I’m so scared. Even thinking about it [a month in advance,] my heart is racing, because I know a lot of my friends want to come. It’s a lot of pressure on me because I’m trying to get my schoolwork done, it’s a lot.


Q: Is there anything you want people to know about the production?

A: Come see Grease. It’s going to be really fun and we’re going to include the audience and the music is great and everyone is really talented, it’s going to be a great show. The people in it are absolutely amazing.






“Grease: A 50’s Rock n’ Roll Musical”

Opens March 3

7:30 p.m. LHS auditorium

Student tickets:  $8-10

Repeats at 7:30 March 4, 5, 10, 11,  12

Matinee performances at 1:30 p.m. March 5, 12


Source:  Lincoln High School Drama Website


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