11 Things You’ll Someday Want to Know About Me

  1. I sleep at the bottom of the bed, with my toes over the edge of the mattress and none but one of my pillows touched
  2. I can’t listen to the radio or TV if the volume is at an odd number
  3. My eye color changes from brown to cocoa to hazel to tints of green
  4. My favorite scent is Orange Blossom Honey by The Naked Bee
  5. I blow my dad a kiss goodnight before bed
  6. I sleep with my windows open because it’s easier to wake up in the cold
  7. I don’t have room on my bookshelf; every time I finish a book, I have to take a book to make space
  8. I count how many carts are on trains
  9. I watch gas prices
  10. It’s good luck to rub the clock on any repeated number or series of numbers
  11. I don’t communicate well to my peers

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