From Baltimore to Portland: A new teacher comes to Lincoln

Investor, runner, businessman, and teacher stepped into Lincoln High School on Thursday, August 27; one of many school he’s impacted. Mr. Henry Hooper, 61, is Lincoln’s newest addition to the school’s faculty.

Hooper grew up in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, where he grew up on the Main Line. He was one of eight kids, and grew up with a father who was constantly commuting back and forth from home. After college, Hooper retreated back to his hometown where he lived and raised a family with his wife.

As a student, he was widely influenced by his “superlative” teachers, which later possessed him to become a teacher himself. “They affected a thousand lives,” he explained.

Hooper is widely educated, including earning his MBA at Yale University in Connecticut,  working for a Wireless Communications Distributor, running the marketing and sales departments for a family firm for two years, and working for an investment company located in Camas.

Hooper taught middle school English for six years and later decided he liked the dialogue with high school students better, compared to the middle schoolers he was used to working with.

Last year he worked at Union High School, which was most helpful when preparing for Lincoln; mentors helped daily with questions, preparing classes, and the overall idea of high school teaching. He’s also taught wrestling, using his previous hobby from high school to help aspiring students. He explained that he once made it to the championship match for wrestling for his high school team.

His current hobbies include gardening, writing, singing and playing the guitar, a cappella, running, reading, investing, and cooking. “One of my biggest accomplishments was qualifying for the Boston Marathon…” Hopper’s mother died when he was only thirty years old, and he began running so he could have something for her.

Along with his many pastimes, Hooper is a chairman for an outdoor education program in New Mexico, which has been around for ninety years, he’s also involved in We the People and has been a Constitution Team judge for four years.

“With my connections to We the People, I’m expecting to become a judge for the Lincoln Constitution Team,” Henry explains. He’s also on the board of St. Mary’s Academy, a private, Catholic school located in downtown Portland.

Hooper explains “Lincoln is refreshing,” and that the energy levels are high, for that, he is excited for the upcoming year. As for Portland, he says it’s far less diverse compared to where he grew up across the nation. This year he’ll be  teaching College and Career Exploration, Marketing, and Journalism; all which he believes he brings great experience and qualities to the classes. In fact, all of his daughters had a minor in either English or Communications, following in their father’s path.


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