All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven


Pages: 378

This book caught me by page twenty when Violet remarks “Since the summer before seventh grade, NYU’s creative writing program has been my dream.” When I read this page, I came to the conclusion that this is The Best Book of My Life, and have called it that since. I can relate to this book in unexplainable ways, it draws you in by the first chapter, no matter what kind of reader you are.  Reading the book in only three days, I felt breathless once I was done. In fact, I could have read it in a single night, but I thought I might as well space it out to “savor” it.

Not only did it draw me in because of the unreal connection I have with the characters, but because of the development of every single character and every scene and every moment. Every word is put in intentionally, chopped up piece by piece, forming this roller coaster of a story. Niven did a wonderful job creating a modern Young Adult novel unlike the rest. Although I made similar connections through other Young Adult novels, that’s expected. This book is so different from the others in such a great way. Often times I felt breathless reading, especially the day I faked an injury in PE in order to have an hour and a half alone with Theo and Violet.

By the end of the book, she had me in tears. I love the connections made throughout the course of the book, like no detail was left behind. A sob story for sure, but nothing not work bearing. Being a little under the weather for a day or two is worth this intense read, which is exactly what I felt. I felt a personal connection with every character, and I felt like I was letting go of something when I put the book back on my shelf. Overall a great story that swept me off my feet and into the world Theo and Violet live in. I would recommend this a thousand times.


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