For My People

For my writers bending reality to their own, creating worlds with words; speaking the voice that will not be still; a way for our mind to be heard, hid between the lines; late nights talking to It, taking in every word as if it were a last breath.

For my writers making sense of nothing; dilating, interpreting, trying to understand; taking letters and creating words, words to sentences, sentences to stories; stories for the world, stories for our families and friends, stories for us; stories of us.

For my writers creating a storm in the midst of a peaceful picnic; walking off the edge of a cliff, leaving the mind to wander; no answers, no right from wrong; only what you make yourself believe.

For the walking bodies of life, a story all in it’s own; explaining yourself within a series of phrases; putting words on paper for all to read, expecting to understand; not putting messages miles deep, rather, ten feet above, where no one dares go.

For my writers who create magic all on their own; understanding the meaning to write freedom, to not lie, to not be exaggerators, oblivious, but to be inspired by anything; creating a life of everything; tears and joy and fright and love all in few words is enchanted; we create it to be understood.

For my writers who enjoy literature; reading literature; making literature; “Good writing is like holding your breath underwater;” we long to be breathless, speechless; wishing upon the stars that your peers, your readers, will feel the same lack of air.

For my writers who are told to be “too quiet,” “too shy;” for they do not understand what it means to have a loud mind; we see and we think, and we see and we think, until a small light flickers, and we have an idea, an idea to change people, to move and make connections; to put words onto paper and into mouths that could not be explained until now.

For my writers who leave an eternal trail; when the pages burn, the words do not, the vivid memoriam of your story; life is life, and days are days, but writing is not writing, writing is me.


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